We, Nanhai Plant Ltd, was established in 1988, a professional tissue cultural producer in foliage young plants, varieties range round 180, like Alocasia, Aglaonema, Anthurium, Cordyline, Calathea, Caladium, Dieffenbachia, Dracaena, Ficus, Fern, Phalaenopsis, Philodendron, Syngonium, Spathiphyllum, etc.  are our main products in our stock.  We are also sowiing lots of palm and other varieties of seedlings, such as Rhapis, Chamaedorea, Podocarpus, Radermachera, Monstera, Strelitzia, etc.  

With over 15 years experience in young plants propagation and growing, our products are exported to many countries, like Holland, France, Japan, Korea, USA, and some mid-east countries, and gained widespread acceptance from our customers.   With our customers trusts and supports, in these years, we successfully extented our business field to big plants,  we collect and grower big plants for our customers, the varieties like Cycas, Ficus, Palm, etc.  and get good results from our customers

We welcome closer cooperation, you can confidently select and acquire those very special species that you have always desired and bring you immense amounts of pleasure and satisfaction.

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General Manager:  Mr. Keith Dow
Nanhai Plant Co.Ltd